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2 Mothers in Need of Assistance in Rabaraba

2 Mothers in Need of Assistance in Rabaraba

We received a call at 9pm from Sylvester OIC at Rabaraba that a young mother was bleeding, very pale and had fainted in the shower and needed our assistance. He also had another mother at 38 weeks with a baby in transverse position and she needed a caesar in Alotau. Could we assist to take both mothers to Alotau? Yes.

The vital signs, BP and pulse of the young mother bleeding told us she was already compensating so we would plan to leave as early as possible.
I was half way through a 75 hour maintenance check and had some belly panels off the Beaver. So at 4 am we start putting everything back on the Beaver, which meant we departed at 7.30 am.

Weather was clear skies with a strong 20 knot southerly wind. We cleared the Owen Stanley’s through Gurney Gap at 2500′ and the wind turbulence around the ranges forced us to track out to sea before turning West to run parallel to the coast to Rabaraba. 25 minutes later we landed on the airstrip which needed mowing again but at least the mud patches had dried up.

We loaded the two mothers with one guardian and returned to Gurney with 5 POB.
Ambulance was waiting. Our young mother was too weak to walk or even sit up. She will need blood transfusion and possible iron transfusion.

Kila gave the mothers gifts before departing our base for the hospital which always brings a smile and is enough for us.

Thank you to the THOR team who give us so much support to make our work possible.
God bless.

Dr Barry


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