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The Hands Of Rescue Foundation (THOR) is a non profit organisation registered in Papua New Guinea in 2011 and is based in Alotau MBP. It has Internal Revenue Commission approval as a fully tax deductible organisation. The THOR Foundation’s focus is on achieving Safe Motherhood for women in PNG. In particular, their mission is to reduce Maternal Mortality throughout MBP and the rest of PNG.


thor-aboutsMother and baby gifts, even waiting houses and market money don’t save lives. Skilled staff do. If we were to encourage women to have a supervised delivery then we needed staff who could handle obstetric emergencies. We train ALL health staff from CHW to NO and mid-wife because all health staff deliver. We train twice a year in the labor room using the latest models and make it as real as we can. One on one training in drug administration.

(labor ward trolley set-up; The 3 drugs-oxytocin, ergometrine, mesoprostol; blood estimation; how much fluid do I give-resuscitation of PPH; normal delivery; management of 3rd stage; manual removal of retained placenta; PPH; breech delivery-delivery of head; How to give MgSo4; shoulder dystocia; neonatal resuscitation; ectopic pregnancy scenario. Vacuum extraction)



  • Reduce maternal deaths by providing SAFE MOTHERHOOD
  • Happy mothers
  • Healthy babies
  • Happy and skilful staff
  • Family planning, spacing, Have 3 children
  • Safe Motherhood Community Awareness