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Another Successful Trip in PnG

Another Successful Trip in PnG


We took off with our hybrid plane, the Beaver to expand our reach of support to the local mothers in the remote islands of PNG. We brought with us, the Head of Public Health of PNG, Dr. Jacob, and as many Polio vaccines as we could find on top of our regular gear.

The 9-hour long journey was significant since many families and mothers benefitted from the visit and supply. Our visit included RabaRaba, Cape Vogel, Wailagi, and Esa’ Ala in the far southeast of PnG.

The remoteness of these locations makes landing a challenging task since we had to land in different improvised airstrips, some with waist-high grass, making it dangerous and much tougher. In other places we landed in water and thanks to our amphibian plane, the Beaver, we were able to land safely in every location.

The Beaver landing in a patch of mowed grass

It was an amazing experience with the aircraft, which could keep floating even with all the extra supply shipments in it, and still it didn’t take more than 150 meters to be airborne. An excellent aircraft indeed!

The Mothers’ Waiting house in Woodlark Island is a remarkable one. It can accommodate so many people at once for treatment. While we were in Wailagi, we visited the newly built, and recently opened, Mothers’ Waiting room called the Sunshine, which is a common gathering place for local mothers.

The Mothers’ Waiting House in Woodlark Island

The Sunshine is scenic and equipped with an Antenatal clinic incorporated in a separate room. This will definitely be a great help for local expecting mothers.

Local mothers and their children in front of the ‘Sunshine’

Thank you all for your continued support of The Hands of Rescue, your donations have a huge impact on the safety of motherhood in Papua New Guinea.