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Your donations help reduce maternal deaths by providing incentives for rural mothers to have a supervised delivery in the health centres. The incentive is in the form of a gift for mother and baby bundle valued at K70 kina ($35) each and are given by health staff to mothers on arrival.

The bundle consists of a baby bath full of essential items for a mother and baby at time of delivery. We deliver these gifts personally to the health centres by our boat.

As well as assisting in antenatal clinics to identify high risk mothers for referral and evacuation by our aircraft we also train staff in modern family planning methods at remote health centres.

  • $35 will purchase one Mother and Baby gift comprising of a baby bath,
  • For the Mather – Sarong, Bath soap, toilet paper, personal hygiene sanitary pads (washable), bath towel, laundry soap, ladies pants.
  • For the Baby – Two sets of 6x nappies, safety pins, soap powder, singlet, pants, baby oil, baby towel, baby blanket, baby washer, baby bath.


a day will also keep PNG midwife in the field training obstetrics and supporting local health staff in deliveries.
will buy a Kiwi Omni cup for assisted delivery in remote health centres.
will pay for a weeks salary to keep a midwife working in remote health centre on call 24/7.
is my donations amount (min $5).

Our work involves nine key interventions which are evidence based and designed to reduce maternal deaths by increasing supervised deliveries. These interventions address several reason why women deliver in the village rather than the health centre. To reduce maternal deaths you have to be holistic.