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Simbu Mountains Health Clinic

Simbu Mountains Health Clinic


We travelled high into the Simbu mountains near Mt Wilhelm to a Health Clinic called Goglme to introduce our Incentivised Safe Motherhood Program.

A first time mother delivers early morning at the Goglme Health Clinic and receives a gift from CHW Magdalene and Prof. Glen Mola. She had a difficult delivery, and was lucky the staff and the professor were in attendance.  She would not have survived a village delivery. With dedicated staff at Goglme HC Simbu Province, Goglme has a good waiting house for long distance mothers, saving many lives.

Sr. Kila explained the incentive gift to the Goglme community. Men in particular, want to know why this gift? ‘Nobody give us things like this’ they said. Kila explains to the men the importance of a supervised delivery and attending Antenatal clinics with their wives and giving support to their wives.

‘Please bring your wives to the health centre before she is ready to deliver’ is the message we give. Nobody should deliver in the village.

At The Hands of Rescue we are working on a new project to develop Emergency Birthing Kits. Something that can be used in the villages if mothers are unable to get to the Health Clinics. We always appreciate your support.

Kila explaining the Incentive Gift to the local community.