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Update: Projects at Basima HC & Wadelel

Update: Projects at Basima HC & Wadelel



On 27/04/15, HEO Alice Siwawata and Dr. Barry Kirby flew to Basima health centre to introduce our Safe Motherhood programme to Basima HC and Wadelel  aid post. Basima is recognised as a ‘hot spot’ for obstetric emergencies.

We conducted Obstetric Emergency training, in the labor ward to all the staff from Basima and surrounding Aid Posts over 4 days.

Conducted antenatal clinic training for health centre and aid post staff in how to recognise ‘high risk’ mothers and identify potential obstetric emergencies during a mothers antenatal period as well as which cases need referral to Alotau.

We introduced the Mother incentive gift, One hundred mother incentive gifts were delivered to Basima health centre to encourage mothers to have a supervised delivery. The mother incentives were assembled on site by the health staff. The gifts are given only to mothers who attend the HC for a supervised delivery. This improves the health staff and mother relationships. Twenty Mother Incentive gifts were given to Wadelel Aid Post to commence their programme as they have  25 a year, but many mothers still deliver in the village.

Family Planning Clinic and training of health staff at Wadelel Aid Post in safe insertion of Jadelle Implant.

Seven mothers at Basima and Wadelel health centres received Jadelle implant. Training was conducted by HEO Alice Siwawataand Dr. Barry and a supply of 40 implants given to CHW Rhona Gibson to be used at Wadelel Aid Post.

Mothers from Basima can also access FP at Wadelel Aid Post.

Health talks on safe motherhood were given to the 200 strong community with a focus on educating men on the danger signs around pregnancy, the importance of attending ANC with their wives and more importantly to bring your wife in to have a supervised delivery. This was an instant success with the community who were held captivated for over an hour.

Emergency Obstetric Kit

Emergency Obstetric kit received by staff at Wadelel Aid Post. They currently deliver 25 babies a year but this is expected to rise dramatically and take over from Basima HC because of its location and ease of access by sea. They have a new Aid Post but are awaiting furniture.

Money for waiting houses and market money. The officers in charge at Wadelel, (CHW Rhona Gibson), and Basima HC,(NO Emily Bagita)  were each given $700 kina and nails to commence construction of a Mothers Waiting House. The balance of K700 kina each will be given on opening the waiting houses in approximately 4 weeks time.

Providing market money for women whose home village is too remote to bring enough food is also essential, so market money of K75 kina in 20 toea pieces was also given to Emily Bagita and Rhona Gibson to provide food for distant mothers waiting in confinement.